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Web Developer Portfolio


Whenever we talk about the professional and successful web developer the most crucial thing that comes to mind is the web developer portfolio. By developing a good quality portfolio, the developers become able to host the content and build their own website.

The web developer portfolio is the basic representation of the tasks that a developer can perform. Getting a good job at the start becomes very difficult. In such a case, the portfolio helps to find a high-level job according to the qualities of the developer.

There’s some basic thing that should be included in the portfolio. The interface should be clean in which the viewer can navigate the things easily.      The custom domain should be highly attractive to grab the viewers. The pages can be loaded easily and looks more presentable.

The developer should use the standard text that doesn’t go beyond the topic. The developer should remain on one or two basic skills of the site. Adding more skills to one site can degrade the traffic of the website.

The developer can give a live demo and add the links of different projects. Try to choose the highly selective projects that focus more on quality, not on quantity. Try to show your website as a brand by mentioning the same logo on every single image.

Web Developer Portfolio Examples

As we’ve seen that the knowledge of the web developer portfolio is very necessary to have a successive response. Let’s discuss the web developer portfolio examples that will help you.

Boston Dynamics Redesign Concepts

This portfolio shows the redesign concept of the website. Basically, it was developed for the robotics design company.

The Rage and Bone Man

This is the web developer portfolio example by Lawrence Lord. It shows the working of the anachronistic hipster panache in the form of cutting edge tech.

Sony Football

This web developer portfolio example gives the whimsical site built. Thus the developer becomes able to place the content in the high brand frame.

SuperVision MD Website

This web developer portfolio was developed by Evan Belfi. This portfolio guides the beginners to create a professional WordPress site.

FOSS Moveis Website

This portfolio example is best if the developer is looking for the front and the backend features.

Prosthetic Systems Sales Tool

This portfolio example is the best choice if the developer is looking to add brief notes in the presentation.

Dreamland Photographic Studio

This is the best example if the developer wants to show off the site’s design. The developer can show the designs in the form of feature and menus.

Web Developer Portfolio Template

The web developer portfolio template makes to shine your website with more good and modern looks. These templates are helpful for developing any kind of websites like photography, decoration, engineering, designing, architecting, technology and many more.

Thus the templates are the keys to give more professional portfolio. Here’re some templates which are mentioned just for the guidance of developers.


Divi is the most advanced template that helps the developer to design the site instantly. However, the beginners can use the Divi’s custom craft page for putting their services and talent.


It’s the creative template that includes 38 home pages. The developer can use the distinctive features and elements to create web space. However, these templates have various navigation layouts which the developer can choose according to his preferences.


It’s the best template for agencies and professional companies. The appearance of its layout is stunning due to the mobile-ready layout.

WordPress Developer Portfolio

The WordPress developer portfolio is good to establish fast and large websites, especially for professional purpose. However, if you’re looking to manage a large amount of content then the WordPress developer portfolio is much beneficial.

It’s an ideal solution to represent small businesses. The WordPress portfolio gives the representation of the various professions like dental practices. PTA, photography, yoga, investment, construction, fruit farm, realtor, IT, interior design, politics, etc.


Php Developer Portfolio

The PHP developer portfolio helps to build hundreds of PHP websites. These websites are the construction work of PHP and MYSQL databases. It helps to develop the company’s real estate search engine. And helps to classify the website thus give the AD functionality to it.

It handles customer demands, website services in a more efficient way. The PHP developer portfolio provides the ongoing website daily support thus it handles the problems easily.

Front End Developer Portfolio

The front end developer portfolio is best to start the small business and high-quality website. Front End Developer helps to create the best website with clean design thus helps to achieve the user-facing product.

It makes easy for the individual to use the content management system. It helps to meet the exceptional goals for the website.

Full Stack Developer Portfolio

The full stack developer portfolio is the best choice for hybrid mobile apps and responsive web apps. These include iconic, Cordova, angular, WordPress, Ruby on Rails and pure HTML5.

It has high use in business analysis, forensics, and other databases. The full stack developer portfolio thus helps to create high sites for customers.



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